Sunday, March 28, 2010

Royal Cookies

An old friend of mine from college days contacted me about cookies for her wedding. She and her husband have always teasingly referred to themselves as the King and Queen, so naturally they wanted crown-shaped cookies as favours for their wedding.

I've always remembered D to be a fun-loving and vivacious girl, and I wasn't at all surprised when she wanted spicy gingerbread cookies instead of the usual sugar cookies. I was able to come up with a design she liked. Something that included some simple details and the bride's and groom's initials as the centre of attention.

I liked how it turned out and the contrast with the cookie is really nice. Perhaps for their anniversary I'll make a small batch of extra spicy gingerbread cookies for her with full icing regalia.

Ze Royal Cookie.

All prettied up with a ribbon bow.

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