Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cupcakes for a good cause

We catered our first corporate event on the 15th of July. It was a special order that came from Giant Hypermarket in Kota Damansara, in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard. They were throwing a special fĂȘte for a group of 40 orphans, and thought that cupcakes were in order for the event. I was very pleased to get the phone call.

As soon as I heard that they were for children, colourful pastel colours were popping around in my head. I really don't care for garish colours on anything edible, and it's quite alarming how many brightly-coloured baked goods you see out there in the market. I figured that pastels would be just as appealing to the young ones.

Pastel coloured buttercream with colourful non-pareils sprinkled all over the top.

I love how they look all arranged like this.


Chocolate Blossom Dream

I was asked to make a really special chocolate cake for my grandma's church ladies group meet. It was for their monthly birthday celebration, and this July was extra special because it was my grandma's birth month.

I came up with this for them: four soft layers of chocolate cake sandwiched between chocolate buttercream, and then glazed with a layer of bittersweet chocolate ganache. I thought that the cake looked fantastic as is, and did a minimal amount of decorating on the top with buttercream lettering and fondant blossoms.

I love the contrast of the pale blossoms on the dark chocolate.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do you LOVE cookies?

We've been commissioned to design and bake some many hundred cookies for a client's wedding in November. I have since ordered the special shaped cookie cutter which I cannot mention right now because I want to keep it a surprise until the event. But I did want the bride and groom to sample the cookies just to make sure that was exactly what they wanted.

So, we had our way with some heart-shaped cookie cutters. These are buttery sugar cookies that we used. We decorated them with royal icing and came up with a few fun designs. We'll be keeping these in mind for next Valentine's Day.

Sweet Love. Enough said.

Other cute designs we came up with. Had some tiny little accidents on a couple of them.

Please contact us if you're interested in our cookies. Pricing depends on complication of design and shape of the cookie.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cupcakes for the Yong Family party

It had been more than 10 years since I last saw my cousin Veron, her husband Allan and their children. We were very pleased to be invited to their huge family get-together on the 5th of July at their beautiful home. I made some cupcakes to share with everyone, and I am very thankful for the very warm reception. ~Pleasance~

We decided to make four flavours for the party with a total of 100 petite cupcakes:
Marble with coffee buttercream,
Chocolate with vanilla buttercream,
Orange with chocolate buttercream,
Marble with vanilla buttercream.

A pretty sight, if I may say so myself. Shortly after this pic was taken, half the cupcakes disappeared.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cupcake flavours and designs

Hello everyone,

It's about time we updated this blog and introduce you to our cupcake flavours with their signature designs. Each individual cupcake flavour has a unique design which we came up with for artistic fun.

We love our cakes so much that we only use all-natural and fresh ingredients. Our butter is pure New Zealand butter and cream from the UK. We use imported cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate, real coffee and real vanilla in our cakes and buttercreams. You will not find any chemicals or preservatives in our products.

Vanilla cupcake with Chocolate buttercream

Chocolate cupcake with Coffee buttercream

Chocolate cupcake with Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate buttercream

Chocolate cupcake with Orange buttercream

Chocolate Orange cupcake with Orange Buttercream

Marble cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream

Marble cupcake with Coffee buttercream

Marble cupcake with Orange buttercream

Marble cupcake with Chocolate buttercream

Orange cupcake with Vanilla buttercream

Orange cupcake with Chocolate buttercream

These are eleven of our beloved cupcake flavours. More photos to come soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Introducing ourselves.

Hello everyone! Welcome to our Babysweet Cakes blog. We would love to introduce ourselves a little and give a short history of how we came to be. I started Babysweet Cakes in 2008 whilst still in the US. I've since moved back to Kuala Lumpur and decided to establish the business here in partnership with my best friend, Amelia, who's as crazy about baking and cake decorating as I am. We are both self-taught, and are very inspired by the large treasury of talented cake decorators out there in the world.

Our cakes are made from scratch using all-natural ingredients. We strongly focus on great flavour with a touch of design elegance. The centre of attraction at Babysweet Cakes is our selection of cupcakes, with the occasional larger cake and iced cookies. Currently, we are offering fifteen flavour combinations of cake and buttercream. Each flavour combination has a unique design.

We also do custom design for special events. Please feel free to contact us for more information at babysweetcakes@gmail.com and thank you for stopping by today.

With warmest regards,
Pleasance & Amelia.