Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Wonderful World of Nemo....

I knew I wanted to make a Nemo cake for my daughter's third birthday since a year ago. After some research, I was inspired by the Nemo cake by Spring Lake Cake. However, I decided to bravely go ahead and make my own figurines instead of using plastic toys. I hand-crafted all the decorations and figurines using gumpaste and fondant. Some details are piped with royal icing, including the 'Happy Birthday' message and the little bubbles.

Voila! Ze Cake. The bottom tier is dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, my daughter's favourite. Top tier is strawberry cake with lemon buttercream.

Left side of cake. Oh and there's Dory! :)

Back of cake. Here is Pearl, the cute little octopus, amidst some anemone and sea grass...

Right side of cake. More coral and anemone.

Dory looks like she found something in the sand, which is just brown sugar.

Another close-up of the back of the cake.

Here's Peach, the starfish.

Nemo and his dad, Marlin. They were a little hard to make, but I had fun creating them.


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