Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cupcake flavours and designs

Hello everyone,

It's about time we updated this blog and introduce you to our cupcake flavours with their signature designs. Each individual cupcake flavour has a unique design which we came up with for artistic fun.

We love our cakes so much that we only use all-natural and fresh ingredients. Our butter is pure New Zealand butter and cream from the UK. We use imported cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate, real coffee and real vanilla in our cakes and buttercreams. You will not find any chemicals or preservatives in our products.

Vanilla cupcake with Chocolate buttercream

Chocolate cupcake with Coffee buttercream

Chocolate cupcake with Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate buttercream

Chocolate cupcake with Orange buttercream

Chocolate Orange cupcake with Orange Buttercream

Marble cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream

Marble cupcake with Coffee buttercream

Marble cupcake with Orange buttercream

Marble cupcake with Chocolate buttercream

Orange cupcake with Vanilla buttercream

Orange cupcake with Chocolate buttercream

These are eleven of our beloved cupcake flavours. More photos to come soon!

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