Thursday, October 22, 2009

Double Happiness for old friends.

I recently found out that an old primary schoolmate of mine is getting married in December. He told me that his fiancee was thinking of giving away some pre-wedding cupcakes to her colleagues. She had in mind the Chinese character 'hei', which signifies double happiness - a character commonly associated with Chinese weddings. Prior to this, I'd not written much in Chinese before, let alone pipe in buttercream. So with much trepidation, I proceeded to practice and practice with leftover buttercream. I got it right from the get-go, much to my mom's and my surprise.

Here are half of the cupcakes which were presented that day.

Upon their request, I created slightly different designs to differentiate the three flavours of cupcakes.

I'm incredibly proud of these beauties. Mostly because I was able to make a special couple really happy, and make my mom proud of my rudimentary piping of Chinese characters.

Close-up of the three different designs: Medium pink one with three blossoms was chocolate cake. Pale pink one had marble cake, and the red one was coffee cake. All three were iced with vanilla buttercream.

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